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zheng yue Lim

Fathers name: Teik Lee Lim

Mothers name: Yen Nee Chin

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2005

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Lim Zheng Yang, Lim Wei Xin

Studies: Beaconhouse

Profession: student

Overview about myself


Today 18 may 2016, I am going to do a overview about myself. My name is Zheng, I am 11 years old this year. I am born in 25 august 2005, my favourite food is KFC, today I am going to talk about myself.
Why I am doing this because my teacher Ms.Jennifer ask me to do a diary or memo about our self. I study at Beaconhouse Sri Inai, I am from class 5AE.I have tons of friends in this school, one of my best friend name is Eric he is a Korean, he really knows how to speak Korean.Next I'll talk about my family life

Family Life

Now I am going to talk about my family life,I usually play games at home but sometimes I play monopoly at home with my parent and my brother and sister .My brother and sister usually scold me for nothing but sometimes my brother allows me to play his computer and his games, example : naruto.Sometimes my brother off the wi-fi, he off the wi-fi because i always use the wi-fi. My sister is much more better and worse, the better part is that she plays with me and the worse part is that she always scolds me. Now I'll talk about Interesting facts.

Interesting Facts

Now I would like to talk about interesting Facts about me. I know how to play a violin, in violin i am grade 4, during July 21 2016 I am having a violin exam, if I pass the exam I'll be upgraded to grade 5 and during that day my sister is also having a violin exam. I have alot of board games at home, examples : monopoly, chess, checkers. I also have a I-pad and a phone.
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