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Arif 19 March 2012
Just checking this out, starting my memoirs, its good so far!
Samanth Hope 03 March 2012
I am amazed by the variety of stories... a story from each country. ..And the ages of the writers...truly inspiring site!
Rhonda Manter 27 June 2011
What a beautiful website. Regular people are so interesting once they feel comfortable and open up. Everybody has stories to tell and this is a terrific venue. Thanks!
jerly sabandal 25 June 2011
i also want to write story a long life story of mine,,, The sad story of my life until now.
Nell Obach 01 November 2009
This site is such a welcome discovery to me. Since childhood life stories had always enchanted me and would hold me spell-bound for hours. I hope to be able to send my own contributions to this site someday. Congratulations and more power!
Teddy Orenstein 01 November 2009
I am glad I finally found a suitable platform where I can write stories dedicated to the people I love.