Life story books

A list of life story books, starting with a few famous people, of the editor's choice. We encourage our readers to suggest other inspiring books of life stories.

  1. Barack Hussein Obama's life story. ( Politician )

    There’s no argument that Barak Obama, the current president of the Unites States, has a remarkable biography. From his childhood growing up in Hawaii and Indonesia, a child of interracial broken marriage, to his studies in L.A., New York and Boston, through his various administrational positions, and up to his election to presidency, Barak Obama surpassed all obstacles.

    His inspirational personal story set aside, Obama is a strong believer in accepting and respecting the different, reaching out to the other and bringing people closer together with the hope of a peaceful, happier future.

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  2. Angelina Jolie's life story.( Actress )

    Angelina Jolie walks her own path, unique in every way. Jolie uses her huge popularity as an actress to promote humanitarian causes worldwide. She has been proactive in bringing attention to crisis areas and refugees camps, particularly the fate of child-refugees. In addition to her work with the UN, she founded various humanitarian foundations and donates to charity regularly.

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  3. Stieg Larsson's Life story. ( Writer, journalist, political activist )

    Stieg Larsson dedicated his life to fight right-wing extremism, Neo Nazism in particular. In spite of repeated threats on his life, he continued his work against intolerance and hatred. In 1995 he founded "Expo", an organization which works to spread its vision of a democratic society where people are not persecuted, harassed or denied human rights on the basis of color, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

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