About Life Memo - true life stories

When my grandmothers reached the age of eighty they both decided, separately, to write down their life stories for their grandchildren. I read their stories and was deeply moved. I laughed at parts and cried at others, but more than anything else, I was astonished that it took so many years for me to discover their inspirational life stories.

Reading their memories, understanding what they went through, gave me another perspective on life. It made me feel my daily problems were insignificant compared to the decisions they had to take. I asked myself what I would have done in those situations. We often forget how fast the world is changing, and how much of our lives are defined by the place, time and circumstances we are born into.

This site is a tribute to gramdmothers. I am fascinated by old people. I always look into their eyes and try to guess how they were when they were young. I always ask myself: what did they go through in life? What led them to where they are today? What historical events formed their life stories?

I created this website as an online collection of real life stories, so we could get to know our loved ones better, read about other lives, in other places and times. Maybe then we would come to the realization that we may be all unique, but are not so different from each other, after all. We are all one big family that deals with the same issues, and shares the same emotions and dreams.

Tanya Preminger