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wilsonlim jia jie

Fathers name: johnnylim kok loeng

Mothers name: goh kai lan

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2005

Places of Residence:

petaling jaya

Studies: Beconhouse SRI INAI

Profession: student

My story life

an overview about my self

My name is Wilson i am eleven years old. I am writing this because this is my story life.
I was born in Malaysia at 5 November 2005 i study at Beconhouse SRI INAI my school teacher is Miss Jenifer class is 5ae i live in Akasia no 1 at Petaling Jaya

family life

My dad was born in malaysia his grandmother have alot of children My mom job is a house wife while my dad is a builder when my dad was young he loves too build alot of things my dad said that building house is fun you can let peoples stay in there my dad have alot of money and he doesnt want to give it to mom. When my mom took my dads money he needs too put his money in the bank. My mom job is a house wife she cooks alot of my favourite food she also buys alot of vegetables fish and those other cooking things my dad hate it when my mom buys alot of things

Intresting facts

The intrest thing facts about me is i learn taekwondo iam already blue belt i also build some server in roblox roblox was a fun game and my hobby is drawing i love too play some games and i am good in games
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