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wandgeu tim

Country of Birth:

United Kingdom

Year of birth: 1993

Places of Residence:


Studies: college

Profession: ict

my life by wandgeu timbou

I was born 1993 august 2nd raised in London. i moved to kensal rise
and went to kensal rise primary school which the first 3 years started horrible. Reasons for that is because
students saw me as me the smallest person in class which for starters i was not bothered about it only started concerning me when
the other children kept staring at me. i never understood why the other kids looked at me all the time. It came to my
mind when a student asked me why am i short and kept on asking i never knew how to answer to that until another boy came
up to me and called me a midget the word that he called me i never understood it. i asked my teacher "miss what does midget
mean" and then the teacher replied saying it means a deformed person who is short. After that when i was in year one i was
upset from children calling me that name until one day i asked my mum why did god make me like this i cried while asking her this question
i told her i do not want to be in this world i want to die she told me god made you like this for a reason and you should not listen
to what people say because they are ignorant till this day i still believe her but its hard too because its been me feeling the pain
while other people laugh.GROWING UP
End chapter 1