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wahab siddiqi

Fathers name: papa siddiqui

Mothers name: mama siddiqui

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:

deffence karachi

Brothers/sisters: mobeen, aliza

Studies: science

Profession: student


I am the last child of my parents.I was born in Karachi Aga khan hospital ,2000 19 dec. My mama and daddy were really happy when I was born, I was the last boy of my family. My first toy was a toy car of blue and green colour. I was attached to my mama from my childhood. I was scared from my dady a lot I don't know why but when ever he use to come I hide my self under the dinning table or behind the curtains. I also had a incident at my khalas house when I was 3. I was holding a glass full of water some water droplets fell on the floor which caused me to fall on the floor and the glass smashed into my hands because if that blood started to come out of my hands and I had stitches in my hand , they are still visible on my right hand's palm another incident happened with me was that I was playing at my grandfathers house and suddenly the handle of the drawer went into my head and the blood started to come but this time I didn't had stitches and it recovered quickly. The my schooling started :)
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