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talha hanif

Fathers name: mohummad hanif

Mothers name: farah naz

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: yasir and aysha

Studies: sceince

Profession: student

The begining

I was born in karachi,pakistan in the lady hospital on september,26,2000 it was very nice that my parents were feeling proud of me when i was born my parents were proud that boy has been born and then and then they kept my name talha talha was named by my sister they were so happy that they were by shooting in the air and then my father kept a party they were very happy and my father told me that i was very naughty i did not eat and did not let them eat and my mom told me that i was very cute.i was last son in my family after that i had two sisters and my parents had two daughters smaller than me my first toy was a car it used to work with battery today also i have that car. i have kept that car very safely in my room.
End chapter 1


When i was small i would tease every body i was very cute and i used to bite my brother and sister and used to bite them very badly that they used to cry one day when i fall down from stairs very badly i was hurt on my leg when my father and brother take me to the hospital doctor gave me a injection from which i was crying i became angry and then my brother pick me up in his hand i was very angry so i gave him a tight slap on his face then we go back to our home and then i bite my sister on her hand my mother did scold me that why did you bite to your sister what did she do with you then i bite my mother then my mother became angry and bring spicy foods and put in my mouth but i told my mom that i will bite what ever can you do but i will not leave biting.
End chapter 2