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summaiya saleem

Fathers name: saleem qasbati

Mothers name: saira saleem

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1999

Places of Residence:

jamshed road

Brothers/sisters: zohaib

Studies: middle school

Profession: student

Summaiya saleem

she is a student of class 9-A.she is passionate towards business lines and she is inspired by the most famous business tycoon Mark Lewis,she is determent with the fact that when she will grow up she will settle herself in Canada as she want to fulfil her desire.Her nature is totally different as she don't obey anyone opinion very easily until and unless anyone beg her she is kind,friendly and descent a bite.despite this she tries to get more attractive not by beauty but by her personality by her talking way,she usually like to read books.Summaiya pays her more attention towards spending her time with her friends, she hate to see anyone in pain,she always strive to get awarded in studies by achieving a medal,she like people to beg in front of her,her belonging are not dual personality,she always explosive for her rights and the aspect,in her entire life she is not abate at all .She don't like those personality who are fake.
End chapter 1