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sita Sri

Fathers name: Mr Sri

Mothers name: Mrs Sri

Country of Birth:

United Kingdom

Year of birth: 1949

Places of Residence:


How it all began

First of all I must tell you that this story is absolutely true and took place several years ago. It all happened in 2009 when our family went to london as we had heard that a swami had come from india who helped people with their problems. Many people told us of their experiences and how he had saved them from cancer and other diseases. We went and saw him seven or eight years ago from now and it is now 2016. On the first meeting he seemed friendly and gave us turmeric powder and vibuuthi (this is a grey powder which hindus use on their foreheads) and also some metal pendants. He told us that on my father's side a lot of his relatives souls had not yet reached heaven and they were still roaming the earth. This was all rather hard to believe, considering that we were not a religous family. The reason our family went to him was due to severe financial problems and we had moved houses approximately 13 times and our lives seemed to be full of troubles; but little did we know that by going to this so called swami we would be bringing upon ourselves further troubles. Up until now I have concealed the name of this swami but now I must mention it-his name was Murali Krishna and many people in london have seen him but not all know that he is in face a black magician.

We continued to see him several times over the years and each time we went we paid money and we even brought clothes that he has worn. We were told the money from this would go to help poor people in kerala, India which is where the "swami" was from. We gifted him with garlands and he gave us a statue to put in our prayer room. The turmeric powder, viboothi was taken by my parents to cure them from illness as they had been told it would by many people;some were in fact doctors who had been seeing this so called swami. My parents drank this as they are gullible people and are very innocent of how cruel people can be. Once they had taken this they were under the control of the black magician. And for one and a half years my parents continuously argued with one another and shouted at me. I was distraught as I was just a school girl at the time and as a result of this my school work suffered a lot. I used to grab the kitchen knife at times to slit my own wrists but I could never bring myself to do it. My parents had no idea of what was going on all this time and were not themselves-they were controlled by evil spirits. During this time we were still going to see that so called swami and my parents asked him if he could do anything about my allergies; I could not eat anything except rice, fruit and vegetables at the time due to all of my food allergies. However at this time I hardly believed in god and I certainly did not believe in black magic or evil spirits. I had been brought up in the Uk and lived here all my life-I was born in london and you never hear about black magic in the UK so I was alien to it all. The black magician then gave me a lime which I was meant to drink for 9 days straight-each day they said to cut off a slice of lime and squeeze it to drink it. I refused to drink this as I did not trust the black magician and I did not believe my allergies would go-even the doctor had told me that I was at that age where the allergies are unlikely to go; If I was to have lost my allergies than it would have gone by itself-as some children grow out of them. My parents however, forced me into drinking the lime and I had no choice in the matter. I drank the lime for 9days and soon after they had some control over me. Shortly afterwards I was doing my As-Levels and A-Levels and had gained entry into a grammar school which was one of the best schools in the country. I struggled with my studies due to the on-going family problems.

My mother soon realized that something was not right as she could feel a something touching her body in places which can not be mentioned. She shortly after went to harrow to see harrow iyah (a temple priest who speaks to hanuman, a hindu god)- it is called thanthoondri arnjaneyar in Rayners Lane, Harrow. He told my mother that it was a black magician that had done this and it was a person that we had prayed to. He told us everything-about what they were doing and why they were doing it. The motive behind them doing the black magic was to get us to go their place in India, Kerala so that we would work for him (the black magician). Also due to the fact he was after me. It all finally made sense and one of the most obvious reasons would be for money but my parents had very little. Harrow iyah guided us for many years since then-for the past 6 years and had helped us stay alive. However, it has been 7 and a half-nearly 8 years since the black magic started and we have not managed to get rid of the evil spirits yet. We have realized that whenever, we seem to do something to get rid of them the black magician just does something else back.

We are not the only ones who believe this man is a black magician-it was emailed to a lot of the people that went to him that he was in fact in jail in kerala for doing black magic and going after girls but he had done black magic to get out of jail. Also he spent many years going to other countries such as the UK, where they could get away with it. As the police would hardly belive it if you told them that there is a man doing black magic with no proof.

When I was a uni doin my degree I took a hair brush from home with me and somehow it managed to come with me to uni and caused all sorts of problems. It attacked me on the head constantly, raped me and would hit all the ceilings in my uni flat. I had to constantly pray to god to get help and be able to live each day as it came. My life became a nightmare and up to point where I was suicidal. If it was not for harrow Iyah's help and advice I would not have lived till this point in my life. We also went to walthamstowe Kali ammal temple where the temple priest also tried to get rid of the evils spirits but did not manage to do so. He told us to get coconuts every week from the amman temple which we had to spin around our heads, and the house and then hit outside on a quiet road where no one was watching. My father did this every week for one and a half years but to no avail. It helped but then it would always come back. But the temple priest there spoke to amman and told us that it was a relatives soul that the black magician had used-which was the evil spirit in the house. It apparently lived off blood and my parents feel needles being poked into their legs but they could not see anything there. We were also told that their hearing was being damaged and that the blood was poisoned. My mother is 66years old and my father is 64 years old and at their time in life this was hardly deserved. I have only just finished uni and it was thanks to hanuman's blessings.

Now we are sticking with the church as we have not managed to get rid of the evil spirits through the temples. The evils spirits did so many things that it is hard to list them all. They put something in my parents food so that they become tired and their whole bodies ache and they are normally very healthy for their age. It also hits them on the head and controls them. They also hit the ceilings and the roof and attack my parents on the back and it many ares on the body. They take the blood and their hair. In fact when we went to the black magician he also took my hair and my parents hair but my parents were so brainwashed that they did not realise this at the time. We still have faith in god and this is what makes me go one to write this true story in the hope that perhaps others will be encouraged to do so as well. Also as someone many know of any way to get rid of the black magic and evil spirits. I know a lot of people that have suffered from black magic and am sure there are hundreds of people out there who are too afraid to speak out but hopefully they will now.
End chapter 1