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sharina fabillar

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1997

Places of Residence:

dasmarinas, cavite


OCTOBER 08, 1997, good morning philippines. this is the day i was born.. ALIVE and KICKING.i have 13 years of existence and still counting.. i am now a junior student studying in a healthy school named SHIM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.. i am a female warrior fighting in the challenges that destiny is serving..

in my Sophie (2nd year) life, i experienced money problems. i encountered a financial crisis.. my family forced me to apply for scholarship in a school that i'm not familiar of. it's too far to study in and too secretive. i hope i can cope up with the challenges here in this school..

fortunately, i passed in that school named SHIM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. luckily, i met new friends. I had funny friends named, Genrev Esguerra, Odyssey Pol, Kat Causaren, Jewel Ferrer, and Zavier De Leon. i met them during our scholarship program. they are fun to be with, especially the 3 boys..

As i enter the classroom on June 15, 2011, i met my classmates. they were Cindy Sumadsad, Nicole Resultay, Hannah Pansacala, Alan Dasalla, Bren Sangalang, Micah Laguardia, and Cyrene Atienza. they are very friendly.. they were kind and loving..

it's the start of the school year. i don't know how to start a healthy friendship in a society you don't really know the attitude. i am afraid. i don't know what to do..
BUT, i need to handle these problems. i must face the challenges that FATE is giving.. fight the problems and start a new beginning.
End chapter 1