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rouhan farid

Fathers name: farid samoo

Mothers name: amber samoo

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1999

Places of Residence:

clifton block8


I was born in karachi south city hospital in 28 september 1999.My mom and dad were very happy.My father named me rouhan.I was born weak.They were too happy to see me and that day
was best for them.Even my grandparents were very happy.After few months i started crawling
and always use to stare at people.When i grew and started walking my parents admited me in school named the british school.I cried about 3 to 2 days going to school and after that never cried again.After studying pre nursery i studied nursery and kg and left british school.Then i grew up and started doingdoing everything by my self.
End chapter 1


Now i am a teenager 14 years old.I am studying in bss discovery center smart school and iam in class 8.I have never changed from the past and iam the same polite and friendly just like before.MY parents and grand parents are very proud with me because iam studying harder.i behave well in class than anyone else.Right now my life is going fine and well.I am studying harder this time so i can beat everyone in the class
End chapter 2