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noman paracha

Fathers name: nasir paracha

Mothers name: nasreen paracha

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: naveen and neyha

back ground of me

After 10 years of the marriage of my parents(Nasir and Nasreen)on 7 February 1997 God gifted them a daughter who's name is Neyha. Her name was kept by my father. When she was 2 years old she used to pray from god that she wants a brother . On 21 may 1998 9 am in Agha khan national hospital god gave them a son who's name is Noman. I was 2.5 kg when i was born. When i was of three months i got a very bad cough which made me very sick.
My mother says that (that was the baddest time for me)
Then after 17 months on 5 october 1999 God gave me another sister whos name is Naveen.
End chapter 1


child hood
After i got recovered from whooping cough I was not much healthy. In my childhood i was very naughty and used to annoy every one a lot.I was very jelouse from my younger sister and one day when she was sleeping i threw her from the bed when she was only of 8 days!!. I loved to play with toy cars and air planes and i wanted to be a pilot. My favorite cartoons were Tom and Jerry and barney. I loved to play with balloons and my mother says that (if one of them bursts i used to cry a lot).my favorite colours that i used to wear were yellow and orange.My mother says that (my favorite hang out place was sin bad and we used to go there every Sunday just for me). My nick name is Nomi which was kept by my grand mother and my grand mother says that (when ever i used to call you by this name you always laugh).later on when i was very healthy all my aunts used to pull my red cheeks and one of my aunt says that (I enjoyed pulling your red cheeks). I used play with ants a lot and kill them my mother says that(one time when i was playing with ants i ate one of them) from that day there are no ants found in my house. . when i was 4 years old i went to The British school of education there i studied for 2 years till Montessori. Then i left that school. After leaving that school i went to The American school there i studied till grade 2. One of my teacher told my parents that there is a good school named Discovery centre. After completing the second grade in American school i went to Discovery Centre Smart School.
End chapter 2


at school
My first school was The American School of Education. There i studied for two years,I studied grade 1 and 2 there. I had a great time with my best friends which were Rajah Assad and Bilal. One time when i was in grade 2 i got chicken pox and i was left very behind in my class work both of my friends helped me to complete my work. Then after completing grade 2 i went to Discovery Centre Smart School, There i studied for 6 years i studied there till grade eight. When it was my first day to this school i was very nervous and unknown to this school. Then on the second day i made new friends and met new teachers. my first class teacher was miss sabeen and she used to teach us English .my first friends at that school were moin khan and wasay Luqman. later on when i came to grade 6 that was the toughest year for me because all of my teachers were changed and i was then in middle school. There i made a new friend who's name is huzaifa ahmed khatri. Then i came to grade 7 there my class teacher was sir ayaz and he was also our math teacher. then i came to grade 8 that was the best and the last year of that school.
End chapter 3

future plans in life

The life after studing is the main life started in the life, After completing my studies i want to be a charted accounted and i want to work in a bank. Well this is a nice job and i want to be successful in it. I will take comers as my subject which includes bussines studies which will help me achive my goal. I have seen corruption allot in this world and i don't want to be a corrupt person i want to be truthful and earn lawful and i consider my grand father as a great roll model for me. I just want my parrents to pray for a better future for me. And i pray from god that he gives me a long life and a good future for my life. And if i get another chance to be some thing in my life i want to become a piolt.
End chapter 4