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nicole reinehr

Fathers name: david henriques

Mothers name: christine dicarlo

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:

living at my grandmothers guardianship

Brothers/sisters: no brothers or sisters

Studies: messalonskee middle school

Profession: heart doctors

everything i have been through in my life

my life story
hi my name is Nicole, I am 15 years old I was born with congential heart defects cdhd... I attend at messalonskee middle school, I get really good grades though at times I have been bullied and picked on 00( I love too make new friends and I am a very sweet girl. I have been in and out of relationships!!!!!! but don't we all lol) I love the color red, I also like too sing, I would like too be a vetect when I get older!!!!!!!!!! I just love animals so much that has been my passion ever sience I was 3 years old. my aunt has resently died so im sad!!!! she had some type of cancer. I am greatful too be alive thanks to my heart doctor who saved my life.... I do have behavioral health but that's something im working on!!!!!!!!! I have a cat named jojo, a cat named samanthia and a cat named Nathan. I am dateing a 17 year old boy who has special needs like me but its ok. I am struggling with making friends because im too afraid I will get picked on more than I already am. I love attention lol) I also like too earn prizes in my school u get them if u get a lot of stars for doing what u got too do
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