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maria cindy angela

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1990

Places of Residence:

malabag, silang, cavite


"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth."

hi readers !! a warm greeting to all of you. this chapter 1 of mine talks about me. who am i ?

i am a girl who loves to laugh who loves to fly with the wind. i am a girl who loves to smile and to make friends. i am a girl or a friend that would accept you whoever you are and whatever the situation is. they may say that i look like snobbish but the real thing is not. i may admit that once i got angry I'm really angry. i mean, you know how people get angry right?in my situation, if i am angry I'll keep it.. I'll shout it out in the place where nobody is there. only myself and the nature knows what i feel inside. yes, its hard but i need to. to stop any commotions. but once you asked me if I'm angry, I'll tell it in a nice way. I'll also admit that sometimes I'm a back stubber, let's be real with ourselves. don't say that you're not a back stubber even if you are. because you're just fooling yourself. i may also admit that i bacame a sarcastic person well that's the reality here on earth that i think no person would live without doing it and that's a sad thing. that's definitely the thing i wanna change. and I'm trying to do that ! oooops ! and i did that .. :) SUCCESS! because I'm trying and controlling myself not to do that by the help of our GOD i can make it. anyways, ahmm I'm not spoiled brat but i can say that i am a "MOMMY'S GIRL" but I'm really attached to my mom/ maybe beacuse i was raised in her side only and not with my father's side. asking why ? oh well no need to know. hahaha .. once you did wrong to me and it stepped my self-esteemed , yes i may forgive you because im a sinner too . and yes maybe i may forget what had happened but the scar that you left in me will never be and cannot be erased. ahm one more thing. about friends? well like what i've said i like making friends. "FRIENDS" are easy to find but "TRU AND REAL FRIENDS" are hard to find. and I'm blessed that i have found real friends. well when it comes to friends, if you wanna stay away from me you may though it hurts, dont worry there will alwya be a heart to accept you .. (ALWAYS READY)and if you'll stay beside me , i'll try my very best just to make you happy just to see your smile everyday, i may tease you , yes but its also a way of showing the word "I CARE FOR YOU" wahaha .. so dramatic well when it comes to movies, i love watching romantic movies , funny movies , yeah .. i also love watching documentaries about science and not history please .. :)) moody ? yes im quite moody .. that's one of my atittude but anyway everyday of my life im the onde ruling my day not the day ruling me .. :))

well this is me.. this is the REAL me. enjoy reading the other chpters of my life.. :)) especially to the one whom i dedicated this story :))
End chapter 1