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leanne spenceley

Country of Birth:

United Kingdom

Year of birth: 1981

Places of Residence:

North East

Born Unlucky.

From exiting the womb, to entering my very first breath, I haven't been really lucky....
My name is Leanne Spenceley I am currently 34 years of age. I have mousey brown hair with streaks of blonde and red in certain lights, my eyes are blue and I am of a medium build.
I am going to take you through my lifes story,.. Why ? ,.. There are already so many out there ?,..
1,.. I am currently the only Leanne Spenceley in the world,.. (pretty easy to find).
2,... I have experienced things that no human being or mother should ever have to endure ever,..
3,... I hope my story makes a difference,. A big difference to someone who suffered or is suffering just like me.

So here it goes,...
Right from the beginning I was destined to have bad luck I would seem, I was born a healthy weight on the 21/12/1981. My mother brought me home having being told I was a healthy child. Upon being brought home it was clear that over the next few weeks to months I had breathing difficulties,.. I always had a chest infection and was in and out of hospital for the first year of my life,. Diagnosis ,.. Asthma. I dont really remember that far back, none of the first years of my life really until I was roughly 5, so anyway I finally had a diagnosis. That was my first encounter with life, being born and struggling to do what normal humans do.
The next episode of my life I have been told was approx again 1 years of age maybe just before,.. I was In a baby walker, where my father was watching me,.. Mum was due home and as the door opened, I went to greet her and the walker caught on the edge of the marble hearth, and in I went,. Face first into the embers from a hot fire,. Thank god the fire was left to burn out or I could of been seriously scarred for life, I am lucky for I only have a scar above my top lip, that is the only evidence of the incident. My mam said my face was black. Rushed to hospital I would of been given the treatment that they gave around then in 1982.
I wish I could tell you more of the accident, but communication between me and my parents these days, well lets just say that has been at all time minimum for as long as I can remember. I will take you there also all the way through my aspects of my life, just bear with me, so much has happened, so much to tell, so back to the burns, I believe I was taken good care of and healed well. The next couple of months passed by taking me to nearly 2 years of age, My mam and my auntie Sue where planning a shopping trip to Bishop Auckland, me and my mam had matching fake fur coats, I remember it was cold, so I must have been around my second birthday era,. So my mam applies my coat sticks me in my stroller, fastens me in we grab auntie Susan and we head off to the shops,. Now this accident I have a a vague memory of, I do remember the fur coat, the lamp post and the blood,..we take the bus to Bishop , no problems there, we shop and then we go to head home, making our way to the bus stop, which was just outside the queens hotel, in Bishop Auckland. I remember bags of shopping being on the back of the pushchair, On the arrival of the bus all I remember is my mam parking me up, taking the shopping from the pushchair and giving it to auntie sue, who was on the bus, in all the chaos of the unpacking, someone forgot to put the brakes on the pushchair, the stroller started to move, I was strapped in and all I can remember is my mother screaming that the pushchair was moving.
On the bus stop next to the hotel is a very steep bank, and that is where my pushchair was rolling down too, I remember the height and remember the fear as my stroller just rolled and rolled,. Then smack, everything stopped I screamed, my mother dragged me out of the pushchair. I had blood all over my face where I had hit the lamp post I left remnants on my mams fur coat and ruined it I remember her say. Again, a lucky escape two years into my life. I wish I could give you more of a description, hey maybe I will come back with the second edition of what happened next, but what you are about to read, all this will just be a figure of your imagination , or it will have completely slipped your mind by the end. I am now going to take you to the bits I remember more of,... See you in chapter 2.
End chapter 1