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lalaina durrani

Fathers name: azam durrani

Mothers name: shandana azam

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2001

Places of Residence:

D39,block 5, clifton,karachi

Brothers/sisters: zaviar,hania

Studies: every subject

Profession: student

I came into this big world........My grand entrance

well.....i am the first child of my parents and till today's date the most loved one by dad.i was born in Lahore and in the first 5 years of my life,lived there.i was born in 2001 on the luckiest day,21st of first school was Lahore grammar school and after an year b.s.s.when i came my mum says"we felt like the happiest parents on earth.that day an angel was born"i wont agree with her though because i think angel isn't the most suitable word for describing daddy says"you used to cry all night long and wouldn't even sleep in the morning,it was very hard to adjust with you.our lives logically became horrible"in my childhood i used to love football was great swimmer as well........that's all to my child years.i was a fat child.i used to love clothes since i was 4 and still do.i had intense green eyes when i was born.
End chapter 1

People go Crazy!!!

I was one of the naughtiest children in school,as ever.On the other hand i didnt ever study as i do isnt beleivable but i was a below average child till class four.i used to make all my teachers go nuts.they would beg me to sit on my chair but i wouldnt ever listen.i was also known as the chatter box of the class.i had anger issues since i was a kid.if i didnt like something,or if something wouldnt work my way i used to start throwing things and go bananas as ever.
End chapter 2