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kayla gunter

Fathers name: jeff gunter

Mothers name: heather gunter

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1991

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: jeff jr

Studies: GED

Profession: jack

in the beggining

well i am from Michigan city Indiana born in PA my whole life is a blur but ill tell you what i remember as far back as i remember my mother was a beautiful woman with long red hair she was a nice person back then my momma had met my dad at a bar from friends i Guss i met my dad at a bar. i was very shy he asked me if i wanted a coke i said yes at the time i was living with my aunt Betty-jean in la port Indiana then i can remember coming back to my momma and i was with all my childhood friends again Desi Rachel Lindsy Samantha etc and then i remember always going to the beach and my brother being born and sept 11th and then i remember moving down here in Texas. and then my life changed for the bad and ya my first boyfriend was Kent d peavey i was deeply in love with him and my sec boyfriend was Tommy 3rd was Jacob Robles and 4th Allen Williamson my first wife is Dana t perry :) yes this is about my wife Danny
End chapter 1