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kahri ferid

Fathers name: kahri ahmed

Mothers name: kahri fatma

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1979

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: adel

Studies: mastere in management

Profession: teacher

When i was about 14 years old, my parents were working and were obliged to leave home every morning to let me and my young brother alone in our big house.
Oneday, I was alone in our house with my young brother adel because our parents had gone shoping.
I was doing my homework while my brother was watching tv, suddenly, the door bell rang, Adel thought that our parents had come back home, he went to the door and opened it.
So that we heard a voice asking politely from outside if our parents were at home.
we understood that this is a salesman.
Without thinking Adel said that my parents are outside, he wanted to buy from the man some comic books, which he was selling .
But, I quickly explained to the man that we are not supposed to buy anything without our parents permission, then, as I was about to close the door he forced his way into our house.
He took out a knife and forced me to tie up my brother's hands.
The man, then tied my hands up and clocked both of us into the kitchen.
Soon, the man went upstairs to search for valuables things.
I managed to show my brother how to protect him self, I rushed to the telephone to call the police but the line was dead, all the doors are closed, and did not have the keys to lock them.
We thought about a way to get out from the house and to look for help, we found that the kitchen's window was unlocked because the robber forgot to do that.
Adel managed to get out of the house through the window and I told him to seek help from the nearest police station.
My brother succeeded to bring police to our house and the robber caught, after that, we went to the police station, we found that the robber was a wanted criminal whom the police have been trying to catch from a long time.
The police thanked us for our courage and our good work.
after that my parents had come back, we told them about the story of the robbery.
They were thankful because we are not hurt and because we are safe.
But they blammed me for not stopping my young brother from opening the door to strangers.
In fact, this was a very important lesson on responsability and safety and I understood that such kind of incidents even that they are dangerous, but, are important to make me a courageous and a strong man.

End chapter 1