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jennie leigh

Fathers name: mark makfllk

Mothers name: jennief mejnen

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1989

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: mark martin matthew jennieleigh aimee

Studies: none

Profession: none

what did could i do i was only younge?

Hi, my names Jennie Im From England And I Am Writing A Life Story, I Didnt gave m Real Date Of Birth Im Still Very Young I Havent even reached 17 yet but i want to write this story, for maybe all the other poeple out there thats suffering from the same thing,

From as long as i can remember my mum and dad where always good to me,like normal perents they used to argue but the it got worse by the age of 4 i used to sit in my room and cry, my dad would of been hitting my mum, but not only with his hands with , metal bars,wooden furniture,spoons, pictures and televisions,i remember that we always had to move i didnt understand why and i always changed school i hated it so much, during year 4 and year 5 things got worse i was only 6 when my mum was in bed so was i,i remembered i got beside her i had a nightmare, so she cuddled into me a held me tight, then my dad came home, he ran up the stairs for no reason and started beating her,punching her face kicking her side pullingg her hair , i maanaged to get the coourage and run downstairs, i lifted the phone and ranged 911 i told them my adress and my name, shortly after it my dad left and the police came my mum was so grateful and happy i phoned them i saved her life my dad was going to kill her, after this my mum and i grew apart very fastly by the age of 11 my mum and dad got back together my dad had turned christian and my mum had trusted him,he came into our home everything was brillant my mum and i got closer and my dad and i where like bestfriends, all this didnt last for very long soon he started losing it, as he has a mental issue this means he needs to take medication to stop him from losing it but he stopped taking it,he slowly became worse and worse, he cursed and hit my brother he had turned into a monster he shouted at me for texting him he cheated on my mum, after this she fell apart she tryed hard not to show it but i could see it.

me and her grew apart no longer did we talk very much, we just went our seprate ways but because i have 4 brothers and sisters , she was constantly shouting telling me to help her around the hosue,when i became 13 i started asking for money, asking for freedom asking for more than she could cope with,
infact im still this age and to be honest mt lifes never been worse i think i just need my mum back,

i try hard to get along with her, but its as if we have had enough of eachother like paterners in a relesionship i soon relised her being my mum and always being there for me is more than anything i now talk to her now,
but very recently we have got in contact with my dad again, she lost it she said to my sister ok amy i love you goodnight see you in the morning and she just said to me bye see you whenever? and left me in my dads house with my brothers and sisters, my life still isnt easy and i have alot more of it to live maybe im not old enogh to understand but this is my life story so far.....can you guys pray for me? and maybe hope it gets better.... my names jennie im 13 this is my life story x
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