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jazmine santos

Fathers name: justo santos

Mothers name: michelle santos

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2006

Places of Residence:

atipolo city

My Life

My name is Jasmine I am 10 years old i was born in Philippines at anti polo city i just turned 10 on 27th of April I am now Grade 5 and now my life story begins.

I had an hard life i had to leave my Love ones In Philippines just to be with my dad Here in Malaysia. My dad side Is a bit complicated. My dad had a big issue with his father it was because when my dad's mother past away my grandfather was married to another women. but my dad did the same thing. my dad married a women they had two kids which are my stepbrothers they broke up but it was not a divorce. my dad was talking to my mum on Skype then my dad and mum got married but it is at the government. so they did not actually had a real marriage my dad old wife wants a house before she signs the divorce paper. now the house is under construction

Now you know how hard my life is but i know life is harder for my parents and i know how much pain i have in school will be more painful for them.

you have to restpect your parents because you know they are working much harder and no pain can't take them down just for you they try their best not for you to know what is happening so you won't get to fell how they feel
End chapter 1