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huzaifa ahmed

Fathers name: Feroz khatri

Mothers name: Raheela feroz

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:

clifton block 4

Brothers/sisters: bashaar and maaz

Studies: beaconhouse school system

Profession: student

about myself

two years after the marriage of Raheela Ismail and Feroz Khatri. my parents were happy on any thing they get a girl or a boy. and after that I was born on 4th may 1998 (7 moharram). i was born at a private hospital named agha khan hospital which is located in Karachi at Gulshan-e-iqbal. at that time as my mom says I was weighing 3kg. my name Huzaifa was kept by my grandfather.

my residence at that time was Gulshan e iqbal. we lived in a joint family of 4 room house in an apartment.

My mom says "you cried when you were not in my hands"
another time my dad said " I never touched you until you were one year old"
my grand mother said "I was the one changing your nappies all the time "
End chapter 1


When I was 4 years old I was shifted from Gulshan e iqbal to clifton pride. clifton pride is an apartment type building located opposite Clifton KFC. My house had 3 rooms with a drawing room and one kitchen. we lived their for two years until my new house was being build.

I have two brothers name bashaar and maaz. my favourite toy was a truck which had so much noise. I played it until I was 7. and that toy my dad bought it for me for 20 rs. when I made mistakes my Mother showed me a stuffed lady bird which I was real afraid off. I was real close to my Mother. I started going to montessori when i was 3.

my mom says "I was really hyper, intelligent and very active".
End chapter 2

School life

When I went to the school for admission the invigilator said to my mom that "˜your child is very intelligent at this age kids are not that good'. I passed the admission test and was admitted to army public school which is located in sadder. In school I was a very intelligent and a sharp student. My vocabulary was very good.

My mom said "˜you read sign boards and read comics whole day to increase your vocabulary'. My best friend was Mohammed Ahmed kamal. He was also a sharp student. My class teacher at that time was erum rizwan. She liked me and Ahmed so much. She also called us at her home because she thought we were fascinating. I took 1 position in 2 classes in which I got a scholarship.

In grade 2 there was pet day held in our school in which some body brought chameleons. Somebody pushed me and I fell on the glass which shattered into pieces. The chameleons were lost and I got scolded. But I still remember because I was innocent and I got detention for a day which real embarrassing and shame full.

today I am in class 8. studying in beacon house discovery centre. I am a very sharp but upset minded child today. I am known very well in my school. I take part in many events in my school and never back down any body. I have participated in almost every event. some of the events are I.e. annual concert, sports day, celebrating 23Rd march, scrabble competitions etc.
End chapter 3

fututre plans

I told my dad that I would not get bad marks but I did and I do. I work hard but all the work becomes water. if I had a chance I would start my life again. the most memorable moment will be the life I spent in my school because there I got opportunities to participate in a lot of mental and physical events. I met a lot of people who created my personality and they taught me who I really am.

I have experienced many historical moments like being robbed by robbers. going to friendly parties. Blowing up a fire cracker in my hand. going out and having fun with my family. yeah those were good times.

I have great plans in the future I want to be chartered accountant and a part time table tennis player and a photographer.chartered accounting helps you to enhances your abilities in maths. My parents are allowing me to be a chartered accountant but my parents say 'if you become a chartered accountant you will not be able to play table tennis for your whole life'.

Becoming a chartered accountant is not easy but it has a bright future and a happy life. well as my parents think that I will have circumstances for playing table tennis if I want to become a chartered accountant

End chapter 4