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faisal sher

Fathers name: rehmanullah khan

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: babar khan

The Begining!

I was born in karachi and the date brother and sister wre also happy,and my family was also happy my dad said said that i was too cute i was a little bit fat my name was kept by my dad and my name was faisal
End chapter 1


i my childhood i use to fight with my sister once i broke my leg because i fall from the stairs then my mom scolded my sister and my brother use to tell us to fight more fight he maked us angry and we both fighted more.whenever my dad came from duty he always brought me something nice.whenever i told my dad to bring me bat ball and football use to bring it . my childhood was very awesome and i wish i could hit my sister more than she hit ted me.and i love my dad more than my sister and brother.
End chapter 2