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avinash roy

Fathers name: Rupak Roy

Mothers name: shanti Roy

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1994

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Radhika Roy.

Studies: Higher Sec. Passed.

Profession: Student.


Hi friends,

This is Avinash Roy writing in to share my real life TRUE LOVE EXPERIENCE with the readers here.

I am a teenager who just passed out my higher sec. education but experienced something which has no age limits called LOVE.

This story is about me and my soul mate Joyeeta Saha, on how we met with each other and turned to a phase of life which almost gave me the best of the world.

So, readers i hope you like my story and this is not just a story for me but something which means to me a lot and is just more than a story.

End chapter 1


Well friends I got my love just because of my ex-girlfriend.

Joyeeta had just been my good friend and nothing else. we never met each other but had only contacts over phone. Joyeeta was a very good friend of my ex-gf. Joyeeta used to pass on messages from my side to her as my ex-gf did not had a cell.

Everything was going fine with my ex but things changed when i came to know that my ex-gf was cheating on me. The day i had my breakup with my ex, Joyeeta was the only one who gave mental support and care to me.

I just asked Joyeeta only one thing...."Hey, Joyeeta did you know that she was cheating me?".....She said nothing and stayed numb. I got her answer. But she said only one thing...
"Avinash, I didn't wanted to hurt you!"

Those lines just touched my heart and i felt something good. I gave myself a second chance.
I decided not to seek for a relation again ever.

Days passed and i kept talking to Joyeeta over phone but never met and the most amazing thing was that i had never seen her.

I knew nothing about Joyeeta. I just had a knowledge that she was a very well reserved girl with good manners, polite, caring, loving and good.

Days passed and we became very good friends and started exploring each other more.

I felt that she had something which was attracting me towards her but didn't knew what it was.....

More and more days passed and i decided to meet her................

End chapter 2