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arsalan qureshi

Fathers name: Salman Qureshi

Mothers name: Hina Qureshi

Country of Birth:

American Samoa

Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: momo, nabeel, mehmood sahab & khubsurat

Profession: student

when i was born :)

on 20th of Feb 1998 I was born in (i dont know the name ) hospital after 2 years of my elder sister, my weight was 4.2 kg only. My parents were really happy when they heard that its a boy not only my parents the whole world was happy because they knew that he is the real *star* :D.My grandfather and grandmother decided my name Arsalan. At that time we use to live in Memphis which is in America. my father had an patrol pump there and the main business in Karachi. i was the first boy in my family with luck to my parents. as i was lucky for them my father decided to settle there. my mom said that "i use to cry a lot and hit my elder sister a lot". everyone use to call me arsi with love. And after that when i grew up........
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