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arbia jemli

Fathers name: Monia jemli

Mothers name: zouhaier jemli

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1997

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: amine

Studies: leteraire

Profession: student

My first love

I was 15years old when i fall in love with my neighbor he was older then me difference about 13years but i never comment on that, his love make me blained i was totaly and passiony in love with him ... we chat together all night we spoked on skype.. he was in paris and i was in tunisia yes i know it's so far away of here.but what can i do
After 1year he told me that he doesn't want me anymore he said that he fall in love with another girl i was so broken i cried all the week night and day , and after some recher's i knew that she's my neighbor i becamed so opsesed i can't left her taken my men but what can i do!! ther's nothing i can do he's in paris (or that what i was thinking of) i just said let him be happy after 2months his mom get an operation i went visit her and the surprise i found him there!! yes he was in tunisia! i said no word i just turn around went off the hospital i took a taxi and i went to my home i cried so much that night because he lie on me :'(
After 5months his mom caled me she said that she wants me , i go to her she said that "Arbi" wants me back to him i think of all that! all the week and in my room thinking about that! but the heart told me to go back to him we met ... we engaged but i was mesrable he never loved me i knew that he always said that i'm fat and he doon't like and that his mom peg him to marry me... after that i wait him..why beacuse i knew that in someday he'll love me!!
A day i was in my room i listen to high music (that what we do in marriages in Tunisia) i ask my dad he was...i don't know kind of suck he didn't let me out but i out of home asking about what is that music and they told me that is my fiancé marriage!! i throw up i loss control of my body .. i saty 2months in the hospitals
now after 3years i'm still going to the psychiatry because i'm so depressed! he have a life he get a boy and i get nothing
i forget him yes but i need a real love to make me totally forget him
you're absolutly asking why did i write that!! me neither i don't know why but i need to share my storie i need some real and lovely freinds
You can contact me on facebook (Arbia Jemli)
End chapter 1