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ali rehman

Fathers name: sajjad ahmed

Mothers name: kaneez fatima

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2001

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: no

Studies: all subjects

Profession: student in beconhouse


my name is Ali rehman i was born on 29 of october 2001 in the country of india city was mumbai i was very smaal i dont know any thing when i come to age of 3 i come pakistan this very good place then myschool life takes a start i started school in age 4 in was late but this happens my school was bahria than i go nursery i enjoy there that class was so amazing than in ages of 5 i move to montesory that class ni start to understand some things than in the age of 6 i move to prep class i studied there there i made many of freinds that care still my good best freinds i got 3rd position in prep than in age of 7 i move to class 1 that was also amaqzing tyeacher sometimes make us happy by giving p.e or double break or giving free periods than in age of 8 iget class 2 that class waqs little but hard but there we start many occasion sports day , fun fiesta , qirat competion , spelling , etc etc i am best in cri ket and qirat
that i move to class 3 that was same like 2 i studied there uptil 7 by age of 14
and now i m 15 and studying in class 8 but in another school beconhouse discovery smart school teacher are very polight best and ver54y good they help u8s i want to make mny teachers happy because they really do too much for us not only for me for every one they make every thing possibkle for therer students i like my school; life
End chapter 1

my school

my name is sahil yousuf i was born on 25 of may on 2003 and i am going to tell you about my school life. i stared school at the age of three. my first school was oxford school i studied over there and all the children over there are emarati and few of them were Pakistani i hate going to school because i had no friends but slowly i had friends so i would not cry everyday to not go to school.when i was 5 years old there was a competition of spelling and i came 3 so i got a certificate i would not like that because i thought i would get 1 prize but i came 3. that school was very big and there was a big playground and we would race everyday.when we had a race competition i participated and i came 1 and after that i came to Saudi Arabia in which i went to al waha international school.i dint got any prize over there and at the age of 11 i came to Pakistan and i would go to discovery center i participated in drama festival,concert and spots day.i got medals on sports day we had inter school competition in which i came 2 and in the second one my class was out on the second this school the teachers are friendly and students are also amazing i like this school. i was happy to join this school and i like my school life.
End chapter 2

Mohammad Ali's Autobiography. My School Journey

Me at PC Hotel when I was 10.
Hi, I am Syed Mohammad Ali. I was born in Karachi on 10th Oct 2003. My first school was Haque Academy.I loved the small campus where there were rabbits and ducks. I always got full marks on spellings test. I also liked the big campus, it had football, basket & throw ball court. I went to beach cleaning. I found many things like; razor, lighter and toys. I also picked a toy car from there. The best part was the SPARC in which I cooked yummy food. I was the cabinet monitor which was fun. I also enjoyed writing a story with pics and joining A-4 papers to publish it. We invited parents and shared our stories. I also performed onstage as a bear. I gave a welcome speech on the concert & did Tilawat too. I loved all of these activities a lot.
I left Haque Academy after grade 2 and got double promotion. As my mom worked at Origins, so I joined it in grade 4 and left after grade 5. It was different from Haque. My class fellows were rude and I was not happy. Teachers were also very strict. I remember that I received medals for swimming and Sports day. Once I took part in the concert and acted like Jaffar, from the movie 'Aladdin'. After my performance the whole stadium clapped for me. I felt very happy but still I did not enjoy there. The teachers were not kind and always believed the other kids. Only the Sports teacher was good. The boys used to play without me and make their own groups. I did not want to go to Origins so my mom also left the job and I also left the school. I do not miss Origins at all. It is a bad place.
Then my parents found out about Discovery. I am very happy here.I have good friends & very sweet teachers. I enjoy project works and field trips. I like the friendly environment here because I can be happy here. The teachers always tell me to ask them and talk to them. I even can go and talk to the principal without fear. Her door is open and I say good morning. The best part is group work and IT work. There is no uniform so I like dressing up for school in the morning. I also get many clothes as gifts from family because I need clothes and shoes. I love Discovery and it is way better than my previous school because I don't get bullied here. My teachers are always watching which kid is being naughty and so I can save myself from trouble. The computer work on EDMODO is fun and I like the round tables.
My best friend is Vayani. I sing songs with him and play PS-4. He is funny but he studies well too. I want to study well in Math and Urdu. I like Science, English and History the most. My favourite teachers are Ms Sadia, Ms Anum and Ms Daphne. They are very kind and always smiling. They understand my feelings and want to help me. They want me to do good work. I enjoy in their classes. The best part was when I came first in the Sports day. I enjoyed singing with the choir. I love skype with other countries. It is a lot of fun & is very interesting.Through ELSC I can know things. The teachers motivate me. I feel confident to learn from this support but on some days I feel tired too.
There are few suggestions I want to give. I want to shift to a bigger campus which has a swimming pool, science lab to do experiments with friends. I want proper library with car magazines. It should have soft carpet and comfy sofas. A play ground to hang out with friends and when I am tired I can sit on the benches and relax.

End chapter 3

my Autobiography

the pic of our class members
I remember when i first went to school ,I cried, in an hour i had a lot of fun and then i liked to go to school because now i had many friends and had fun. After that i changed two schools and my privous school ST. PAULS HIGH SCHOOL which kinda was hard for me to fit in and then i moved to Becon house Discovery centre and then i had new friends and we had many trips and sports day , school of tomorrow , and many other activities . I had a little hard time in my privous schools, i had fun but in this school i like my teachers, friends and now i am happy that i moved here because this school is computerized and we have many assignments to complete . When i went to other countries i learned that there are many secrets hidden which are not yet discovered in the world . At my school we learned that when times goes it cannot come back but at my privous schools they gave me and my friends most work like English 8 chapters to read and write words meanings and in Urdu 2 pages writing and the work was though and rote learning was important and without it you cannot pass but in this school there is not that heavy tension of work so that now in this school i have some relief from much harder work . I learn that the history is past and future is getting advance by the time. The situation i went through i learnt that that education is important in life more or less it teaches us about the world and there beings on planets and learned that education is important for life.
End chapter 4

my name is Rayan i was born on 10 February 2004 in the country of Pakistan in city of Karachi
and i went to nursery i was 1 year old when i went to nursery
End chapter 5

Educational Journey

Coming back from the first day of school in Beaconhouse.
My name is Bilal Rizvi and I was born on August 24, 2003. I started going to school at age 4 and I am currently in 8th grade. Throughout the journey of education I have been to 2 schools, FFCA (Foundations For The Future Charter Academy and Beaconhouse Discovery Center).

First day of school:

On the first day of school, when I entered the classroom, there was silence with everybody looking at each other. I remember the shy kids who were stuck to there parents and I remember the kids who were haphazardly running around. I was included in the part of kids who were shy and stuck to there parents. After a while the teacher introduced her self and tried to settle the class down. After the class was settled, she started teaching us simple things like the alphabets and numbers. While she was teaching, some of the kids started to fool around behind her back. I was included in those kids. Later on the teacher sent us outside as a punishment so we don't do it again. At that point I didn't understand the situation and the cause of going out so I went out happily. After I came back there were a couple of minutes left until it ended. I counted down every second of the time since I felt scared and uncomfortable. After the bell rang I ran outside to meet my dad and drove home after a long day.

First School:

My first school was FFCA(Foundations For The Future Charter Academy)and I have been going there since my educational journey started. In my opinion, this school was one of the best things that happened so far in my life and it is the reason for my high marks, behavior, confidence, and respect. In this educational institution I had met the most loyal and hard working people In my life. Honestly I could call this place my second home because of everyone including teachers and student were very welcoming and are the main reasons for my success today. In this school I went on many field trips but the most memorable one was in 3rd grade when our class went to Drumheller. There we went to study fossils.

Current school:

My current school is Beaconhouse discovery center which is located in Karachi,Pakistan. I joined this school in grade 7 and currently in the middle of grade 8. So far I have noticed some pros in this school and some cons because obviously everything can't be perfect. The good things that I like about this school is that the teachers are very caring and without a doubt they are appreciative. Some of the cons of this school are that behavior of students is taken lightly and is not focused on which is a big issue and that there is no strictness in class rooms which results in chaos and madness with in students as they start to fight. To be honest and sincere, I have become like the others and started to spread chaos like everyone else. My suggestions to the staff of this school is that there should be some strictness and behavior issues should not be taken lightly as it may become a problem almost impossible to solve in the future of the students.

So far in my educational journey I have experienced many bumps on the road but also had a number of good and unforgettable times. In my opinion my first school was much better then the one I go to now because everything usually stayed in order and peace with avoidance of chaos and haphazardness. When I return home I will seek admission in my old school Insha'Allah.

End chapter 6


visiting Azad Kashmir
I am Manaim and i am a 8th grader, i study in Beaconhouse School System. I would like to start with a beautiful quote about childhood " You may forget your childhood, but your childhood never forgets you". Lets start with my first day of my school, Army Public School. I was really exited and nervous at the same time that what if my teachers don't like me or i will have friends or not. Second memory i would like to share is my going to wedding. It was amazing, everybody looked so good but me because i spilled coke all over myself.

Now lets move on to my teenage or should i say the present. I changed four schools up till now because of my father's business but that made me discover more about different cities even countries. First i always had problems making friends but as i am a friendly person, i make friends quickly. People say that memories are something which always remain with you even in your darkest period so one very important memory of my life is visiting an orphanage. This visit changed my life, first i always had problems regarding myself like all girls do i might add, but when i visited there i came to knew that we should be thankful to Allah for all these beautiful blessings. Appearance doesn't matter as long as your heart is pure. I would like to give a stop to my story but remember there is no stop to our memories.
End chapter 7