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Zoya Marie Khan

Fathers name: Karim Khan

Mothers name: Emma Torquette

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Isabella/Sarha

Studies: Londan Oxford

Profession: Student /Beaution

My life Time story

When i was 7 i had got my name changed i was born i hong kong/hawaii katrina kaif my favirate cousin is from my mom side my mom's sister's daughter she has 7 ssiters 1 brother, i have 2 sissters.My mom Emma Tanisha Torquete had me in 1998 when i wa sborn all my famliy was happy my sisters isabella who is 18 sarha who is 21 were also happy as my mom dad cousins uncle aunty everyone was happy.

My cousin Katrina Kaif is a Grate Indian Actress ia the best i traveld many places Dubai ,New York, Brazil,itly.Hawai,spain.when i was 5 i moved to England and i lived there for bhalf my life and now im a collage student /beautuition in my A levels .if you want to see my beautition longe just go on google and search all yours....

My step mom Jennifere Alinson is a Top Modle and she lives in italy and my step dad llives in dubai Kris Evans.I have 1 Step sister Angela,Sarha Evans.
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