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Written by Asad Siddique

Zohair Ali

Fathers name: Muhammad Ali

Mothers name: Siddiqa

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:

163/G Block 3 PECHS Karachi

Brothers/sisters: Insia & Masooma

Profession: Student

Zohair Ali

Enjoy Life This Is Not A Rehearsal :)
Zohair Ali comes to school for entertainment, fun and for study. His favorite subjects are English and Maths and have a good concept in these subjects. When giving test or any other examination papers, the part in which he does not know, he doesn't try to cheat because he knows that cheating will cause a burden for future. According to the best players in football he likes Christiano Ronaldo because he is a good player.The quality he likes about himself is his sharp intellect, smartness and his hair. His ideas in personal happiness for his successful life is being a successful player in Manchester United. Unlike most people who do not care for their environment he care pretty much for the environment, because he is fully aware that destroying the environment means destroying our self. His nature completely resembles to those who likes to play outside, at his free times he would do social networking or play with his friends.
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