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Zehra Noor

Fathers name: Raheel Malik

Mothers name: Zunera Malik

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Shahzor

Studies: Discovery Centre Smart School

Profession: Student


Well I was the first child in my family, and I was born on 16th October 1998 in Karachi my family was very happy and after many tries my mom named me Zehra which means a flower, we used to live in a joint family, my family was very happy because they always wanted a daughter.
End chapter 1

My Childhood

As we were a joint family my house was quite big and had two floors and a lawn with roses and a giant apple tree, me and my cousins used to have allot of fun. My habits were playing games and watching movies, Disney was my favourite channel.Me and my brother used to fight allot with each other because he used to hit my cat every time just to tease me.I didn't actually had a favourite toy but I used to play with my cat allot.I once had an incident when my cat climbed the tree and I wanted to get it down so I tried to climb the tree but it was no use instead I got a painful cut.I was close to my mom and my first day of school was in Beacon House when I was 4 years old.I also used to love animals, and I was not very naughty according to my mother but once I got scolded when I locked my four year brother in a suit case and ran away but when I opened the suitcase thank God he was fine!, i used to love books in my childhood they were like a friend to me.My relationship with my parents was good, but I was attached to my mother, during my chidhood I liked board games like monopoly, that was my favourite, I played the game hide and seek with my cousins and was very good at it.
End chapter 2

School Life

My first school was Beacon House when I was four years old, the first day was very scary for me but I made friends, the school was very big with a big ground and swings in it and a monkey cage! we used to play alot during our break, and we had a story time right before the school ended and that was so fun my favourite teacher was Miss Faiza because she was very kind and was like a friend for every student we also used to have alot of school trips and activities.My next school was again Beacon House in Sukkur well that one was not really big but I used to have fun since I made new friends, I studied there from grade 4 to grade 8 (first term) these years went good.Now I'm in Discovery centre smart school (which is also Beacon House)and I like this school because of my new friends and teachers.
End chapter 3

Future hopes and dreams

I have learned allot from my past, now I've got a choice to think about my future I want my future to be clear and good, without any big obstacles. I don not have a single aim but I want to do more things to get experience. I want to do something creative and I want my mother to be proud of me and support me no matter what field i choose I also want to get highest marks in class,
and do something so that I can be famous in the world and when people look back at my life and say that she was the creative girl and she has made every one proud and her country my best memories were when I was a child and I used to get highest marks in class I also want my future teachers to be kind and want them to give less homework and some sort of written work. Like they say that hope for the best I'm also working on it and hope that my future will be bright.
End chapter 4