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Wali Aleem

Fathers name: Abdul Aleem

Mothers name: Naila Aleem

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:

Sindhi Muslim

Brothers/sisters: Shehyar,Saad,Mahnoor and Ilsa Aleem

Studies: Sciences

Profession: student

Wali Aleem

Wali Aleem
Born in Sukkur, Wali Aleem aka current Deputy Head Boy was inspired by the ex deputy head boy, Junaid Ibrar to stand for this position. Upon asking any change he would want in BSS he answered saying "˜'weird children and people who don't watch star world''. Mentains a good reputation in front of his friends and classmate and we can count him as one of the "˜'popular jocks'' of the school. Is best friends with Osama Ali of 8-A. His drive for collecting certificates for college applications encouraged him to participate in every extracurricular activity held in school from math competitions to debates and school plays. Now we explored his choice in entertainment. He has an interesting liking for sissy boy bands like One Direction because of its voice and the Pakistani member of the band Zain Malik. Wali is team Jacob and chose Adam Sandler among any celebrity he would want to have dinner with. Favourite movie is don't mess with Zohan and favourite TV series Two and a Half Men. Wali's idea of a fun hangout would be Gloria's Jeans.

Mentaining your popularity and good grades is something not everyone accomplishes in their school life. Wali could be a role model for aspiring beaconites.

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