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Uzair Abdullah

Fathers name: Muhammad Kashif

Mothers name: Shahida Ambreen

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2002

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Ashir,Almir,Umer(late)Sahar

Studies: Computer,science,english

Profession: Networking and web developing

A new life

Hi,My name is Uzair i was born on October the 4th 2004 in Karachi Pakistan,my personality was a keep up boy as in i would learn things very fast by the age of 2 i was speaking fluently and i could do things like fill a glass with water and bring it to my mum who would always be surprised because she had the cooler on a very high bench and i was able to get at least half of the cup full of water.I would run everywhere and most of the time i wasn't with my mum i was with my grandmother who would sing lullabies for me and she would teach me things that children should know.When i was 1 and a half years old i had a brother whos name was umer sadly he died due to lung problems but we got over the ,my dad used to go to the office and my sister used to go to school i had a very nice family my dad would buy me candy's and sweets and my sister always wanted my mum to let me sleep with her.At the age of 2 and half i started to go to school,i joined imaan academy and i was a very bright student my friends name was Abdullah and i remember that when i was 3 and a half i quit that school and started going to starlinks and their i spent only a bit of my life just after this my mum was in the hospital i always asked my sister where she is she said we have a surprise and one day we went to the hospital there was a cry in the room and when we went to see what it was my dad told me that this is my brother Ashir i was surprised,after 2-5 minutes a nurse came in with a bp tester she tested my mum but at that time we were leaving when we came home i was eagerly awaiting my mum i was looking through the window just when i saw our car and my mum i was shouting MUMS HERE !!.I went to the stairs and it was so crowded my mums mum's family had come there were like 15 people in the stairway everyone is getting in my mum comes in and has a glass of water then goes to her room and puts the cot on her bed and comes outside to greet our family i was so happy a few months had passed my dad,sister and me were going somewhere,just then my sisters gown got stuck in the tire and we fell down me and my sister fainted the last thing i remember after falling was that my dad was picking up the bike and lights out when i woke up i was in the hospital and i saw my mum who held my brother in her arms and was standing next to a fish tank then we went home i saw my sister who was on my mums bed with medicine all around her.Soon we recovered and we went on to the normal things we do.
End chapter 1

The start of something great

When i was four,my dad disappeared for a few days i asked my mum and all she said was 'he is on a trip' and when he came back he brought many gifts soon after we started packing i was asking where we are going,some day after Sunday we left for somewhere far and i saw huge flying things and my mum told me they were airplanes we sat on one and my mum showed me the window and i said "we are flying !'Soon we came to a place called Kenya over there we didnt see any fans or AC's and asked my mum why she said the weather here is cold so they dont need it so we lived in a hotel for sometime i liked it oi couldnt understand the people they talked high level english but then we shifted to a house then we started going to light academy where i met Tr.Naima she was a indian/pakistan person she was very nice i used to help her get the class ready since i used to come before she arrived at school i would help her set the tables and all and then i spent all of my pre school years with her in year 1 i met a teacher her name was teacher angelina and it had only been a month and she called my mum for something when she came she said that his knowledge is of class 2 so he should be shifted there so i skipped class 1 and went to class 2 where i met some new friends one of them was ruhllah she was a muslim and we had almost everything in common we became friends immediately this year my teacher was tr.sophie later in year 3 we split we had 3a and 3b i was in 3b the total muslim class and smallest we had mini parties for the teacher who had THE LOCKER who ever would do good would get a gift from him.After this we went back to pakistan for a long summer vacation where i got a new brother his name was Almir we came back to kenya 1-2 weeks before eid.the same happend in year 4 but sadly he had to leave the country he was a turkish,In year 5 we had a mean looking teacher who turned out to be the best teacher ever,her name was teacher Grace she pushed us a lot to be self driven and do extra work our english improved so much during our time with her she even decided to tutor the kids if they were willing to come at 7:00 AM so we did and we studied for the Cambridge exams that we had at year 6 in the second year 6 i finished my exams and got flying marks and our teacher was the proudest but the school due to some issues had started to downgrade many old students left and so did the teacher.
End chapter 2


Me and my sister returned to pakistan alone and first we visited karachi then we went to gujranwala where i started to learn computer courses provided by microsoft and i after a year i had done alot of certificates and we came back to karachi where we started refurbishing the house we had it painted and lights fixed and then we got settled in and all i wanted to do now was that i continue working on the Microsoft path and live a normal life,with it i started a channel where i like to be myself and play my favorite game and successfully i earned 55 subscibers and a lot of e-pals.I enrolled in Beacon house,it is like an ordinary american school even though it has a bit of enhanced teaching i felt the one in gujranwala is a bit better in the field of disciplinary.
End chapter 3