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Uzair Abdula

Fathers name: Mirza Baig

Mothers name: Ivana Cicek

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2002

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Matias

Studies: Art,Mats...

Profession: Play minecraft

My Life

My life has started in Croatia it was a lot of fun i loved it it was great i loved the company of my friends it was great i loved them yes we were bad and some times good but we always sticked together they were like brothers it was great i loved playing and having fun i wished it would never end but i needed to move to Karachi with my brother but my friends were left back in Croatia they were mad at me for leaving when i came to Karachi my friend gave me a call and said that they forgive me and that we can continue being friends so we did i liked being friends with them eventually i enrolled in beacon house school system it is a 'future school it was nothing like my last school it was very different in my last school it was like very hard very advance my firs school was Osnovna Skola Knezevi Vinogradi that was far from my house but there was a school bus that comes and picks us up and we go to our school it was big it had a big playground and big classrooms it was a loot of space the classes were spread out so we had a loot of time to do what we needed like go to our lockers to get our books or go to the washroom... in the later years the school become more crowded so they needed to expand so that s what they did they added a second playground and expanded the classrooms it was going great then i needed to move so i did i moved whit my mom , brother and my dad i moved to Karachi i liked it in Karachi the school is very easy and i em confused by the system a litel but i em going to get a hang of it soon i like the people here they are less angry and aggressive and my friends here are allot of fun i like hanging whit them and playing whit them
yes they are a litel different but arent we all ? no one is the same we are all different the teacher are very nice in my new school the school isent the bigest but it is nice its a nice small school after some time i got more friends and got bather at study's and got a hang on tings so every ting is fine and i started to like the school i hole it stays like this that every ting stays fine and that i dont get into trubel and that every ting is peaceful
Written by : David
450 words 2,159 characters

End chapter 1