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Tristan Uaje

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2004

Places of Residence:

Angeles cit

I fucked my life

If you are reading this I'm only13 year old i screwed up life because I'm a faggot to my classmate and I accidentally said a secret about my crush and now she hates meand every trust she have to me is gone beacuse of this little thinking of mine and my parents aren't proud to me anymore because my grades are getting lower and now i call myself a loser. And in my varsity I'm not getting stronger because im getting lazy everyday and because i got no self confidence and now im a loser. And now i will say this once i will try to be better person and be a good model infront of everyone.
If you read this please help me about my life and teach me how to be a good person and if you are filipino please you can find me at angeles city
End chapter 1