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Taylor Barnes

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1997

Places of Residence:


A Humble Beginning

I was born June 29 in the year of 1997. At the time, both of my parents were in the Marine Corps. Had I arrived at my original due date, June 27, my father would not have been present.
My first home was in Cherrypoint, North Carolina. Where we lived was more of a shed than a house. We didn't have any furniture besides a bed, a dresser, and a couch. As an infant, I slept inside a drawer of the dresser. When I was two, I would either share the bed with my parents or sleep on the couch. I always hated wearing shoes, but the yard was full of stickers, so I had no choice. It was there that I met Justin, my first friend. We did everything together. His father was in the Marine Corps, too. He lived in a nice house, so I really liked having sleepovers with him.
Because both of my parents were Marines, I did not get to see them very much. Most of my early memories were of the babysitter lady I had. My mother tells me that I started to think she was my mom. Once, though, my parents couldn't pay the babysitter. In turn, she refused to give me back to them. After reminding the woman that stealing me would be considered kidnapping, she gave me back. I didn't see her again after that.
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