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Syeda Hira

Fathers name: Waqar Shah

Mothers name: Anila Waqar

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:

Karachi, Pakistan

Brothers/sisters: Mustafa and Murtaza

Studies: Discovery Centre Smart School

Profession: Student

The Beginning....

3 years after the birth of My elder brother Mustafa, I was born. As my parents were hoping for a Daughter too. I was born on 13th August 2000, in Agha Khan Hospital, Karachi. I'm the second child of my parents. Everyone was really happy when I was born especially my Parents. As many people gifted me many things like new clothes, shoes etc. My mom said that at the age of 6 months I started crawling and became naughty day by day. At that time I used to love milk and also loved to eat bananas and now I hate it. I used to drink 5-6 feeders of a Milk a day. Mustafa used call me fatso and I used to call him Rabbit as he had big front teeth. I was the beloved one until a small rascal was born yes it was my small bro Murtaza although I hoped for a sister. I was more attached to my mom than my Dad.
End chapter 1

Early Childhood.

My mom told me that I was really naughty and sensitive. Once my mother told me that I used to hit My elder bro with the Racket and he used to cry. She also told me that whenever dad scolded me at night when he was sleeping I used to put baby powder on his hair and used to throw away his violet into the dustbin and then I used to say that my small bro did that. My favorite toy was Mikey mouse as I always used to play with it and sleep with it. It was gifted by my Dad. My mom told me as I grew older, I became really sweat and a good girl. I stopped with all that stuff which was not good for me. My mom and dad became really happy after seeing a change in my attitude.
End chapter 2