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Syed hamza rizvi

Fathers name: Kashif abidi

Mothers name: nazia abidi

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1890

Places of Residence:

los vegas


I was born in a very comedian family, my brother and sister were amazing actor and My father belonged yo a Joker family. My father was the head of comedian, comedy was his business by which he used earn living for us. He used to perform comedian act once in a week, we all used to go with our friends and enjoyed over there. My home place was in Antarctica"s ocean. I am a very jolly and ferocious person. I am very fat and chubby and there is no natural predator of me.
End chapter 1

Maturity age

As the days were passing i got to know that there is a lot of value of me because i am very important in the food chain. I am a tertiary consumer and without it the food chain will left incomplete and the balance will be disturbed.A carnivore at the topmost level in a food chain that feeds on other carnivores, an animal that feeds only on secondary consumers. I am very helpful to Ecosystem and friendly to nature because if i am not there the whole food chain will be destroyed. My life's major event is that when there is climate change, it affects my body and my surrounding area. My family and I overcomed by this challenge to migrating to other coldy places.
End chapter 2