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First n true love Written by Sahil Raheja

Someone really special

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1995

Places of Residence:

G-6/10 newdelhi

From Beginning till now

Let me clear first this not a backup or to cover up that i wrote for Mahima and you felt bad so i should write one for u,Your are completely wrong if you are thinking like this i wrote because your place no one can take in my life no matter what happens so let me start now.I met as a family member to be honest first i saw your beauty to be in more detail your hot legs,pretty face and slim figure.Well i was in 9th that time to be honest i have never seen a girl pretty like u in my school that was the reason i got attracted to you.I know it was mad thing u were my cousin plus bigger then me in every aspect slowly slowly we talked i got to know your nature which was more beautiful den your face.The first time u said love u to me on my wish i was really happy best day of my life in my teenage time.We confessed our love our relationship got started maybe i cheated you in between but we were not in too much physical contact that was the reason i cheated you because i had boobs sucked smooch with my previous girlfriend nandini.So i need the physical thing i hope u understand that.But emotionally i was always with you n will always be.We got to know there is no future for us but it took time to understand and accept the future.You gave me your body well then it became normal to have romance.But slowly slowly i thought i am the king just because you are not marrying me so i cn treat like a slave even i treated u like a slave for some months i forget that i am lucky to have a 3rd year college girl giving her full hot body i began to think your body just like a normal girl's body like its very easy to get.I am really sorry for that now i just didn't realized i did wrong but i am thinking it with love feeling.Well when u got with shubham first i felt bad and sad but soon u had the first meeting with him the physical one somehow i felt good well i didn't realized at that time but recently only read some sex stories but in that husband was sharing his wife or doubling with mutual understanding and they were enjoying seeing each other while in physical contact.I feel the same for u now and u should be happy because you love shubham so now its very easy for u to do anything with full freedom and with no guilt.You love shubham same just like u love me because your are in a relationship.I had only serious relationship which is with u.So i am dam serious for u and i am not leaving you atleast 2015 koi plan nhi to leave u and become friends.Now i respect you alot as my girlfriend your are my queen ask me whenever u want something break up with me if i behave with you badly i should be begging for u not you.But please do whatever i ask from u for my happiness i will keep you triple happy my promise.M with you no matter what happen even if everyone leaves you i will be there to hold your sweet cute hand.
End chapter 1