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Love for a good kind hearted person. Written by Sahil Raheja

Someone Special

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1995

Places of Residence:

G-6/10 malviya nagar

Day 1-1/1/2015

Well a little introduction about this story.This story if for someone special who came into my life on June 27th 2013,i chatted with her for days got her number in abut 2 days the thoughts were different at the that time but when i got to know her more and more about her life and relationship.I started to respect her alot and support her in every possible.I kinda started getting attracted to her but after seeing her pain i remembered my past relationship pain the first girl whom i loved.I tried my every best way possible to help her in our life and love problems she used to tell me all her problems,her bf is not leaving smoking having breakups fights and etc.I felt very bad for her.Months passed n soon things began to fix it up she was happy in with her bf and in her life also.I was really happy for her seeing her happy is like the second time i am happy for someone from heart.Yeah the first one your guess is right my first love.She used to pass from my class i stared at her.In my whole 12th i guess stared at her whenever i saw her but i was shy i never had the strength to talk to her face to face.Soon i developed feelings for her but the still my feelings were weak so i would still call it attraction or crush whatever you call it but feelings are feelings.I thought i don't want to go through that pain again which i had suffered in my past because i was literally broke for 8 months.So i just kept quiet and watched her enjoying her life.School life ended things began to change feelings for her were getting weak i was happy that i am not gonna feel that pain again because i don't know it was thought in my mind that i can never get her in my life,she can never be mine's.I thought it was getting better but who knows the future ahead us.Well i will continue my story for u in the next chapter.
End chapter 1