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Sidratul Muntaha

Fathers name: Saleem Sattar

Mothers name: Sofia Saleem

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:

clifton karachi

Brothers/sisters: naeem,muhammad baksh and habib

Studies: discovery center

Profession: studying

The beginning

On the 22nd o f August 2000, a little girl was born and that baby girl was me. Everyone was happy because after four brothers at last a girl was born. My dad was happy, but unfortunately I was suffering from jaundice . One day after I was born but I was very weak but after two to three years I was well. I was born in Agha Khan Hospital, and my father tells me that my brother was jealous of me, and wanted my parents to give me away.I have curly and black hair. I was the second girl born in my whole family so everyone loved me. I love swimming and shopping. I use to like my brothers but now little bit because now he is busy in his studies and doesn't gives me time. I am more attached to my father then my mother but my mother is also very sweet with me.

End chapter 1

my childhood

Now I will tell you about my childhood, my mother told me that I started to talk very soon then my other brothers. when I was 3 years old my school life started, my first school name was, I don't know the correct name but it was in DHA. in my first school my best friend was Hariem she best friend till when I left the school then I went to beacon house discovery center smart school, I was in grade 1 when I cam to this awesome school with my 2 brothers . This school was a little more fun then the first school and maybe because I am here from grade 1. Now it have been 8 years in this school, imagine 8........years but this school is fun, teachers are also sweet and friendly.
End chapter 2