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Sidat Kanahyalal

Fathers name: Kanahya Lal

Mothers name: Krishna Kanahyalal

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Sahil, Karishma, Pooja

Studies: Beaconhouse School System

Profession: Student


1st day of my birth.
As two young devils Pooja and Karishma were born, their parents wanted a son, the devils also wanted a brother and they all wanted a baby boy in the family. Years passed and passed away. Four years after Karishma's birth, Krishna Kanahyalal gave birth to a superhero on the 20th of December 1998 at the Aga Khan University Hospital. The time of birth was about 4 at the evening and my weight was abut 7 pound and before the name was decided, people used to call me " Mr Mehengaa"(The expensive one) because till now, in the whole family, I was the most expensive one born.
As my dad was in the village, he got the news and came as fast as he could. They all were so excited that they gave thousand of rupees to the poor. On the sixth day of my birth, my name was about to be decided, many names were selected but my mom wanted my name to be Sidat, which meant something I never knew.
My daadi told me that in my childhood, my two sisters were jealous that my parents liked me the most and used to scold them. :D
My mom told me that I used to cry too much and my sister Karishma was just an expression-less Kristen Stewart faced boring child. She still keeps yelling at me about my "sharafat" in childhood and how naughty I am now...
End chapter 1

Early years of childhood

Me on someone's birthday.
My early years got started in a new place at Clifton; I shifted to Parsa Views in Prince Complex where children were very naughty. I used to drink milk in my Mickey Mouse feeder which I loved very much. I had it fro one year but after that in a dark night, I threw it out from the balcony and next day, it was found to be in the garbage area. I wonder how it got there but I would never forget that feeder.
I was bit more hungry and fatter than my sisters so one day; I was searching for food in the kitchen but couldn't find any. I saw a big pot on the stove and thought that there is something yummy in it, so I picked up the big spoon and started hitting the pot. Suddenly, the pot fell over my head and I got my chest burnt very badly. Dad was not in Karachi and instead of taking me to the hospital, mom started crying. Thank god that my uncle, Sunil was in Karachi who picked me up like a superhero and ran for the taxi. As fast as we reached there, I was faint. My sisters were there who thought I had died were happy because than the parents would love them the most but, bad luck for them. I was better the other day. Thank you chachu for saving my life.
My whole year of school was wasted because I got burnt but after that, I got admission in Beaconhouse School System, Clifton Campus where I studied two years, nursery and pre-nursery. My school days were good and the stupidest thing I thought was that the summer vacations were "100 din ki chitiyan".
Last day of pre nursery, in which there was a parrot race. I was slow but I wonder how I scored the first position in that race. My parents took photos of me and the trophy, which was just a golden plastic cup attached on to a black plastic thing.
After some days, my dad got those photos framed from Chagani's photo shop. As he came home, he saw me and Pooja fighting and cam to stop little fight which was for a 5 rupee perk chocolate. I went to check what dad got and I saw a picture of me and Pooja after the race. In anger, I tore the half of that photo, the part where my sis was standing, spat on it and threw it away from the balcony.
These were my crazy early years...
End chapter 2