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Seika Sano

Fathers name: Masafumi Sano

Mothers name: Kiyoko Sano

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Takuma/Fumika

I was born in Fujinomiya in 1998.I had lived there until I graduate high school. I had lived with my grandparents, my parents, one elder brother and one elder,I had seven members in my family.Don't you think we were larger than other families?I'm proud of this.

I have one elder brother Takuma, and one elder sister Fumika.When we ware children,we were often fighting.I always lost by them and cried, but sometimes my brother save me by my sister.They were fighting more than me and them.My brother is four years older than me, and my sister is two years older than me.My brother ware stronger than us because he is older than us.

Now, we are good family.All of children in my family have lived by ourselves.My brother works in company and my sister and I go universities.They live in Tokyo now, and I live in Hamamatsu now.We are spending busy days especially my brother works a lot.We can't meet each other few days.So, I'm looking forword to meet them in summer vacation or winter vacation.My brother and sister don't want to back to parents home because it's so far to back.They have to pay much money to take trains.

Finally,I want to live with them again,but the dream will not come true.We have to live alone.
End chapter 1