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Saud Maroof

Fathers name: Maroof Lakhani

Mothers name: Anila Maroof

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Saud Maroof

"Life is awesome,Be awesome and Feel awesome"-Saud Maroof
Saud Maroof is a student of Grade 8 (Section B) .He is very passionate for football and he is very sporty. He is very polite, but he tends to ge himself in trouble sometimes.
He regards the "Ëśchildren rummaging through garbage for food' as the lowest depth of misery. His most treasured possession is his football, as he cant rest without playing soccer. He tends to get very nervous when he is questioned. His most marked characteristic is his listening skills, as he can easily follow a teacher's lectures. According to him, the most over raed virtue, is the respect for both, adults and the young ones side by side.The thing he most likes in a man is sportsmanship(which is found in almost all of the boys). He would get perfect happiness if he would have money, a complete family and a great proffession. He wants to grab control over his aggression, as it gets him in trouble. If he was given a chance to die and come back as a person, it would be Christiano Ronaldo, as he loves his tactics. He has no taste of fruits, and he desperately wants to change that. He hates people who hate him! But he didn't want to point someone out. He hasn't discovered someone whom he identifies with, but he is pretty sure that there is no one like him, as he is a unique human!
He loves to extend his friend circle and he tries to enjoy every moment of life, as it is not a rehearcel.
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