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Sana Dawood

Fathers name: Muhammad Dawood

Mothers name: Aminah Dawood

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1997

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Aisha ,Misbah & Mohammad

Studies: Discovery center smart school

Profession: student


I was born on 22nd October 1997 in Chinyot hospital(Faisalabad),I was of 3 kg at the time I was born, as I was the first child of my parents,so they both were very happy specially my mom because she didn't have any sister, her father said to her" look you don't have any sister but God have given you a daughter".
I started walking in 10 months and started talking in 11 months. I was named Sana by my grandmother which means God praise and I reached Karachi when I was of 1 month and started living in joint family with my(age group) cousins.I always started to cry when my wishes don't get fulfill.

End chapter 1

My Childhood

I was very naughty and talkative in my childhood.
My Father says" you were very naughty, you never use to walk and you want someone to pick you up".
I lived with my grandparents and visited many places with them, My grandmother says"you were always ready to go with us, where ever we use to go".My grandfather always use to gave me toffees. My mother says" I use to play more with cars than dolls" and my father brought a lot of cars(remote control) for me.
When I was toddler I use to bite my cousins but I was very friendly with them too.
My favorite toy was a car which was gifted to me by my Mami.
When I was 3.5 years old my sister was born named Aisha. My mother says" you always have a fight with your sister but you were caring too". I was very close to my parents.
Once when I small I went to a bakery for buying something in a motorcycle,while I was sitting in a motor bike suddenly my leg touched the cylinder, I started crying, my father took me home and there by mother putted mashed potatoes in my leg so that I don't feel pain.
I enjoyed a lot with my family, grandparents and cousins(and their families).

End chapter 2

"School life"

My first school was "Happy Palace Grammar school". There I studied till 5 class, my friends were Maham and Insia. After class 5, I joined "Beacon house School System" N.N primary 2, there teachers taught us very well, my first friend there was Maha and Rabab but as day's passes by Sidra was my friend. At that time I was very good at maths so I got 2nd position in math contest, which was held between 4 sections of grade 5. I got certificate in English as at that time we were suppose to read young world every week and write a review of one of the story in our own words and the one who got 5 golden stars in a month, got the certificate after that month and the one who got more than 5 certificates at the end of the year got the price in price distribution ceremony, every week there was zero period in which some teachers come and taught children how to play musical instruments and over all grade 5 went very well.
As primary 2 only contains classes till 5, we were transferred to middle branch; there we started our new class with same class fellows.In class 6 my class teacher was Miss Sarika,She taught us very well.In this class we made our group of friends which was named by cool girls(c.g).In class 7 we all were together and had a lot of fun. After class 7 we shifted to Defense and I was transferred to Discovery center smart school,in which I am studying class 8 now...

End chapter 3

Future Planing

I have learnt a lot of thing from my past and I don't want to have single aim, I want my future to good and the future which make my parents feel proud of me, I want to achieve highest rank in the class, want my teachers to be kind in coming year.
From childhood I like teaching kids and I know what ever field I choose, my parents will support me and if they dis agree so it doesn't mean that they don't know my feelings, but it means that they want my betterment.
End chapter 4