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Salman Ayub

Fathers name: Ayub Butt

Mothers name: Sheeba Ayub

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:

Defence Phase II

Brothers/sisters: Adnan, Danish

Studies: Beconhouse School System, Karachi

Profession: Studying

The Begining!

The Begining
On 19 November, 8:35 pm, a new boy was given birth at Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi. After many days, we got home. I was named Salman Ayub. i saw my first house, at Tariq Road, Karachi. My parents gave the good news to all my family members, they loved the name and everyone was so happy.
I enjoyed my first day in the big world. My brothers, Adnan and Danish also looked happy, but I think that from the inside they thought something else.
Many years past away, no tensions or problems, living my life joyfully. But one day, our apartment keeper came, banging on the door so hard, it looked like that the 'Dead would come to life again'. The reason was that he wanted us to leave the apartment. My dad decided to construct a new 1000 yards house. After a fifteen months wait, we entered our new house. The hardest part was the furniture, which was of almost in Millions.
At that time my dad's software company was making alot more than that so we managed to fit in.

End chapter 1


When I was 3 years old my Mom and Dad took me to a school called 'Discovery Center Smart School'. It was located at Park Towers and was newly found. When my parents gave my admission form, the staff said that I was too young to enter, but because of my cuteness and the fact that it was newly found, they let me study there. I spent my life's 2 years, studying Pre-Nursery and Nursery. I had a lot of fun studying there.
One day I realized that i have to go to Kinder-Garden, I became sad. But we got the good news that the school is shifting to Clifton, near The British International School, where they are giving education for higher classes. They said that I have to give an Exam (to check that was I capable of studying in KG), but when I gave it, it looked like a Grade 5 paper. I passed it and they let me in.
Other than my School life, my family had many parties on alternate days. My Mom is a really good cook and my family loved her foods and dishes. Again my father thought to construct a new house, of 1000 yards, in which my Dad spent like 10 times more money than the previous house.
My childhood was really fun and exciting and "I wish I could relive those days, those years, once again.
End chapter 2