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Saki Tsuchiya

Fathers name: Takao Tsuchiya

Mothers name: Keiko Tsuchiya

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1997

Places of Residence:

Shizuika Hamamatsu

Brothers/sisters: Haruka/Eri

Studies: English

Profession: Student

Story of my life

I was born in Gotemba and I had lived in there for 18 years.Gotemba has snow sometimes in winter. I enjoyed making snowman and snowrabbit. I liked snowy days.
I have some childhood friends. I played a lot of things with they at many times. Forexample, onigokko and kaurenbo, exploration. And we went to summerfestival and pool and amusemant park. We shared many event and experience. I was exicited in childhood. Also, I wanted to play with my old sister's friends. So I was scorled by her every time. I have picutures which I come out with my sisters friend and I porsing canter. My impression memory is my sister was born's day. The day, I stayed my grandfather and grandmother's house. I spent wathing animetion. When I was sleeping at night, my sister was born. Next morning, I was amazed and exicited. For the first time in met my sister, I was very glad. I remanberd.

End chapter 1