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Ryan Yong Jun Xian

Fathers name: patrick yong

Mothers name: ai ling low ai ling

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2006

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: madeline

life as a BSI student


My name is Ryan Yong Jun Xian . I was born in 2006 , July 26 . I have an older sister which was born in 2003 , October 15.My sister and I study at a school called BSI . i joined BSI when it was 2013 and my sister joined BSI in 2010 . When it was 2015 i was 10 years old and my sister was 12 . After a few months my class teacher named MRS Jenifer ask my class to write a blog which is what i am doing.


My sister and I will always have to go to this place called HIT on Sunday and Saturday , we have to exercise , but the best thing about HIT is that we get to learn how to fight , the teacher will teach us. I like to talk to my mom more than my dad because my dad always likes to play golf on Saturday or Sunday . There was one time he won a computer in a golf competition , so my family have 2 computers .


My sister and I like to talk in the car a lot . My mom is also a good cook and my dad is a good golfer but sometimes he will lose . I am normally always happy and like to laugh . My sister is grumpy and likes to punch me . I am also a very good at playing video games on computer or phone or iPad same a my sister . My mom also likes to play video games , she often play a game , called candy crush , a lot of people know the game . but my father does not like to play video games but likes to play golf
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