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Written by Morgan Manter

Rosemary B

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1918

Places of Residence:

Vallejo, California

Rosemary B Born in:1918

Born: I was born in Vallejo, California.

Childhood: My favorite part of my childhood was dressing up and playing. We put on little shows or played with our dolls when I was younger. But I would have to take a lot of pills because my mother insisted.

Great Depression: I was afraid that my father was going to lose his job; he was a salesman at a department store. I was more concerned for the way my mother felt than the way I felt.

World War II: I was going with this young man and I was just out of college. I was worried about what was going to happen to me and to him. Finally, we got married. He got drafted into the Navy, and he was stationed on a battleship. Even though we got married, we didn't see each other too much. I started teaching school. We used to have drills and things like that, but we never got bombed. The rationing affected me more than anything. I did see soup lines but not that much.

Moving Out: I moved out of the house when I went to college, which wasn't far because I went to Berkley. I got to be good friends with my roommate, Gertrude S.
Family: I had a little girl one year after I got married. She took up all my time. So that meant that I had to find a place to live.

Chicken's Ball: One of Rosemary's friends said that, "Every Halloween she puts on a chicken's suit and she hatches eggs." I was never in any musicals because I can't sing. Every other year we put on a production and the schools would help. All of the money that was made went back to the schools.

Changing Times: Women are much more free.

I enjoy reading. But I seem to sleep an awful lot.
End chapter 1

From the Interviewer,

I want to thank the people at the Elms for being so kind and helpful to me, while I was working on my Girl Scout Silver Award. It truely seems like a wonderful place to live.
Sincerely -Morgan Manter
End chapter 2