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Written by Morgan Manter

Rick C

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1935

Places of Residence:

Los Angels

Rick C Born in: 1935 LA suburbs

Birthplace: Los Angels, exactly where I don't know.

Childhood: My father and mother divorced when I was a little kid maybe two and a half years old. I was living I different houses all the time because I was with my father. When I was 21 I had lived 21 places. The reason we moved was partly for his work and he married twice again after my mother.

Difficult Challenges: It was hard, always being the new kid is a big thing. We had to move every year, someplace new. No regular friends, you have to start all over again. Eventually when I was in high school, I moved to live with my mother.

World War II: The war ended when I was ten so it didn't really affect my life.

A New Life: I moved out of the house when I was drafted into the Army. I was a topographic computer; I did map making calculations for the development of maps. They did not deploy me into combat. Most people hate the army because it's boring, you sit around doing nothing, your life wasting away doing things that don't seem important. But the good thing about it was when I married I lived off post in Frankfurt. I lived in Germany for almost two years. There were no challenges, it was fun and easy. We could go visit Marlis's parents. In four hours we could be at her parent's home. So it was just like having a job. It wasn't very eventful, just that we were married during that time.
Coming Home: The Army moved me back home when I had served my term. Moved me home and I got out of the Army. I went back to school and, tried to raise a family. I had to make some kind of income while attending school.

Vietnam War: It didn't affect me because I wasn't in it.

How the World has Changed: It seemed that every decade there was another mess in the world. We used to dance a lot. We don't dance much today. Drive in restaurants are missing; where you could drive your convertible. Used to drive up, get your hamburger and malt right at your car, you'd sit in a big circular parking. The music was better then, it's all just beat today not much melody. Other than that there's not much difference.
End chapter 1