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Ramsha paracha

Fathers name: akmal amin

Mothers name: tahira akmal

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Kinza , Zoha , Ifwan & Anzal

Studies: Discovery Centre SmartSchool (Beaconhouse School System)

Profession: student


On 19 July 1998 i was born to Akmal Amin Paracha and Tahira Akmal Paracha I was the youngest child of my family i was born in Mideast hospital everyone was really happy because i was born four years after my brother Ifwan was born i was a healthy child.

everyone loved me very much my siblings used to stay with me all the time my mother said that "sometimes i used to get really annoyed by them and i used to start crying because my sisters used to roam around me and sit with me all the time and i used to get annoyed and irritated by them ". I was more attached to my dad then i was to my mom. i was loved by everyone but my mom said "my dad loved me the most he used to take me downstairs every morning and used to play with me".
End chapter 1


I was very naughty as all the other kids all my siblings used to love me alot and used to play with me all the time my mother says"they wont leave you for a moment until you started crying" my mother also told me that i started walking when i was 11 months.

After we moved to Lahore i made many friends over their and many incidents happen my mother told me "when i was about four years old i didn't really knew what a hand blender was i went to the kitchen and took it out of the drawer then i plugged it in and i put it on my chin after that i started crying hard no one was around when ii came out with the blender i was bleeding too much and then i got thee stitches on my chin.

my favorite toy was my tweety bird i used to sleep with it and i did'nt really share any of my stuff with anyone. my sister kinza said that" i used to cry alot and wouldnt be quite until someone cheers me up and if she didnt cheered me up she used to get in alot of trouble" my mother said " i was really cheerful and loved to play with my stuff toys" my best friend in my family was (still is) Shafia we used to share all our secrets and play alot and as my favorite game was hide &seek we used to play it most of the times. my mother said that "i loved white rice very very much and i used to eat it very often"
End chapter 2

school life

my first school was beacon house (Lahore) i didn't studied in this school for a long time it was just for a year because after sometime we moved back to Karachi my mom told me i went to school at the age of 3 and i cried very very much on the first day of my school.

after we moved to Karachi my first school in Karachi was "the study school" my favorite teacher there was ms.Farah she was my English teacher in K.G 1&2 my school wasn't too big it only had 80 students and had classes till six and it wasn't really a good school it was located near teen talwar. my best friend was Mehek. i was the youngest in my family my sister and elder brother used to be together because my brother was a year younger from my sister. the first thing i used to do after school was watch cartoons sleep and then do my my mother said " she used to enjoy doing her homework and was really creative as she was in nursery" when i came to class one 2 i didn't used to like the math teacher because she used to give alot and alot of h.w at a time.

after i studied till class two over here i moved to discovery center smart school (DCSS) an i am in that school from grade 3-8 and my experience in this school until now was great all my teachers were great throughout these years.

End chapter 3

future hopes and dreams

Since, i was a child and everyone used to stay with me i always knew that my childhood cannot go on forever and i always wished that i could because when i was young everyone gave their attention to me other than doing their own work.

There is a thing i always say when i have a fight with my siblings i tell them "i won't talk to you" but i am always the one who starts the conversations again.

well, there are alot of moments one close moment to me is when it was my grandfathers birthday we all gave him a very huge surprise and we all had a great get together.

i have always wished to be an artist and do alot of creativity. i want my parents to encourage me and they are fine with my interest in creativity. and all i want to do right now is give my attention towards my studies.

i want to reach very high goal and want the people to look back at my life and remember be by my creativity and my interests in it.

End chapter 4